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We Have a Winnah!

Congratulations to Dianna Anderson of Minnesota and her mom! Dianna had the winning comment number in the giveaway for the Purina ProCare products. Dianna will keep the cleaner for herself (for her cats, actually) and share the pads with her mom’s Chihuahua. Those Minnesota winters can certainly give any of us pause when considering whether to answer Nature’s call outside.

While you’re here, go on over and visit Dianna’s blog, Memoirs of a Pet Groomer. You’ll gain a whole new appreciation for what groomers go through.

The Other Giveaway — It Ain’t Over!

I enjoyed this book, and you can too!

Srsly? Only 4 people want to read Follow My Lead? It’s not too late to add a free, fabulous, brandy-new copy of Carol Quinn’s book to your reading list. Come on! The weather will be getting colder before you know it, and you’ll need a good doggie book to curl up with. I liked the heck out of this book, and you know how picky I am.

Entries close tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28.


Review and Giveaway: Purina ProCare Products

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably remember that 14-year-old Charlie has been having his share of health challenges lately. After recovering from a bout of vestibular disease, the poor old guy also underwent surgery to remove a golf-ball-sized tumor from his neck. He has recovered completely from both issues, and appears to be as healthy and happy as ever. All the same, he reminds us that it just isn’t easy being an old dog sometimes.

Looking good, Charlie!

Another effect of being an old dog is needing to go out more frequently than the younger ones do. Although he can let himself out through the dog door, Charlie is reluctant to navigate the back stairs in the darkness down to the ground (who could blame him?), so he chooses not to go outside at all. I’ve been leaving housetraining pads near the back door in an area that’s easy to clean.

One thing I’ve learned through this development is that not all training pads are created equal. I had been buying large packages of the one available brand at the local big-box store, and have been less than impressed with the quality of the product. Although the pads are big enough and the plastic backing seems solid enough, the big-box pads are a tad short on absorption. There have been mornings where I’ve had to be very, very careful to wrap and pick up a standing puddle on top of the pad that was supposed to absorb it. Older dogs produce a lot more pee than puppies do. This means that owners of older dogs (and large breed puppies) demand more from a training pad than most folks in the target market do.

And then our Purina ProCare test kit arrived...!

When our test package arrived from the oneCARE Company, I couldn’t wait to open it and compare the Purina ProCare™ Ultra Dry Advanced training pads with the big-box brand…

Big Box Special on the left, Purina ProCare on the right

You probably don’t spend much time scrutinizing the details of pee pads either, but I found some major differences between the two right away. Note on the left that the pad has a thin layer of some tissue-looking stuff on top of the backing, and that the absorbent “tissue” stops short of the edges of the pad. The rightmost pad has a “honeycombed” appearance, and is much thicker. In addition, those “honeycombs” contain super-absorbent gel as well as an odor neutralizer and a puppy attractant. The gel is the same as that used in diapers and feminine products. (The puppy attractant works, too. Badger used one of the pads for target practice.)

We’ve had a chance to use several of the Ultra Dry Advanced training pads since they arrived. I’m glad to report that we no longer have standing puddles on top of the pads in the morning. Be aware that the pads are somewhat likely to tear when wet, so pick them up carefully. These pads aren’t necessarily fragile, but if your dog tries a little “covering” behavior on them — as Charlie did once — they will rip a bit.

You can find the Ultra Dry Advanced training pads at specialty pet retailers (such as Petco) in packs of 10, 30, and 50. Each pack comes in an easy-to-store, easy-to-dispense box.

We absolutely plan to switch to the Ultra Dry Advanced training pads. Farewell to standing puddles!

But That’s Not All!

Our sample kit also included this:

Purina ProCare Carpet & Upholstery Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator.

Purina ProCare Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator comes in multiple formulas: one for hard surfaces, an Oxy Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator, and one for carpets and upholstery. We’ve had a chance to try out the Carpet and Upholstery formula a couple of times.

These cleaners feature pro-enzyme technology, which is a six-enzyme blend designed to eliminate many different types of stains. The dual-action cleaner lifts stains from the surface and cleans the carpet fibers, while the odor eliminator kills odors on contact, thus removing the temptaion to revisit the scene of the crime. The enzymes and bacteria continue to break down deep-set stains and odors until they have been completely eliminated. These cleaners are safe to use on all water-safe surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, pet beds, and litter boxes, and are safe to use around children and pets. The Carpet and Upholstery formula has even been certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute.

One thing I appreciated immediately about the ProCare Carpet and Upholstery Formula is the lack of perfume. Many cleaners add strong fragrances; I’m not sensitive to perfumes, but sometimes the fragrances in cleaners are barely better than the fragrances of the stuff you’re cleaning up. This formula has a more subtle scent, which makes it easy to live with. It works exactly as advertised: it goes to work, it gets rid of the stain and smell, and it left no marks, fade spots, or residue on the carpet. I plan to add an extra bottle to my “just in case” cleanup kit for dog shows.

Need One of Your Own?

Purina ProCare products training pads and carpet upholstery cleaner

Win a 10-pack of training pads and a bottle of cleaner, just like this set.

Do you have a new puppy, or one on the way? How about an older dog (like Charlie), or a new-to-you dog who is still mastering the concepts of housetraining? If any of these situations sound like yours, then enter this giveaway for a chance to get these great products sent right to your door!

You Know the Drill

To win this fabulous kit, just follow these simple rules:

  1. Visit Purina ProCare on the web.
  2. Leave a comment on this blog and let me know why you need the kit to come to your house. Only comments on the blog count as entries. Comments on Facebook, while lots of fun, don’t count.

As always, the lucky winner will be selected at random by comment number. The drawing will take place on Saturday, September 24.

Love your dog? Love your floors, too? Come on and enter!


Product Review: Bissell “ewww” Pawsitively Clean Stain and Odor Remover

All right, I admit it. I laugh like a loon every time I even look at the name of this product. The tag line “Because that’s not the smell of success” just makes me laugh even harder.

ewww Pawsitively Clean™ by Bissell® is just one tool in Bissell’s arsenal of new stain/odor/mess-fighting tools designed for the misadventures of pets and their owners. I saw the yikes! machine in action at the BlogPaws conference, and dearly hoped I would win one. Although that didn’t happen, the bottle of crikey (not just for use on stains Down Under) in my swag bag gave me plenty of giggles for the ride home.

Back to ewww, though. Like all of Bissell’s onomatopoetic pet products, this one is designed for the serious business of… well… cleaning up “business.” Its pleasantly-scented formula contains enzymes designed to neutralize any sort of organic stains of the types pet owners often encounter, such as urine, feces, and vomit. The powerful enzyme action actually does tackle deep-down stains and odors, and the product begins to work immediately after you apply it to the offending stain.

When I was offered the opportunity to test ewww, I responded, “Bring it on (tee hee).” With four dogs and a cat in the household, I was sure there would be enough — er — organic output that I’d be able to test the formula on a variety of stains. Although we didn’t sustain any real disasters during the time that I tested the product, we can claim success with a number of different types of stains. ewww Pawsitively Clean is safe to use on all manner of surfaces.

Hairballs: No, not from the cat — from the dogs. My long-haired dogs do toss up the occasional hairball, and as gross as the cat’s creations might be, the dogs’ hairballs simply dwarf them in sheer size and disgustingness. (I think I’d like to coin the word “disgustitude” for use with such objects.) I ended up with one such offering on the off-white bathroom rug. Anyway, I removed the hair easily enough, and applied the ewww to the spot of bile left behind. As one might expect, the solution quickly and easily neutralized the smell and color of the stain. I threw the rug into the wash anyway, but it was much less disgusting to handle at that point.

Runny Poop: Yes, sometimes you-know-what happens. It happened early one morning on the indoor-outdoor carpet in the sunroom. Again, a timely application of ewww helped make the complete removal of the offending material much less of a chore. I also used it to remove a few — er — Klingons from a bed quilt when the old dog decided to pay a visit without completing the work he had been doing outdoors. The product completely removed both substance and smell, and I was able to wrestle the quilt into the washer without choking.

I had hoped we’d get something really nasty so that I could really test the effectiveness of ewww in the most — er — adverse of environments, but that didn’t happen during the testing period. I did use ewww as a deodorizer in a variety of other lighter-duty (ha, ha — I said “duty”) situations. ewww effectively removed bad odors and stinky stuff from metal and plastic crate pans, vinyl flooring, the occasional unfortunate (and washable) cloth-based dog toy, and my denim sofa.

All in all, the ewww product did perform well on the types of stains and odors I was able to offer. Although the testing period for the review is almost done, I intend to tuck the spray bottle into my traveling dog-show kit and take it on the road with me, as well as use it to battle organic menaces at home. It’s worked well for me so far; let’s see how it responds to other types of challenges.

If there’s one teensy-weensy downside to using a product named “ewww,” it’s that I couldn’t easily distinguish it from yecch, dang, or ick without a scorecard. Not that I really advocate renaming the products to crap, barf, and gag-me-with-a-spoon, but it might help one remember what should be used on what.

No matter. If you have to clean up something nasty, you might as well laugh while you’re doing it — and the Bissell cleaner that I used helped me accomplish that quite effectively. I’d recommend it!

To learn more about ewww and the other Pawsitively Clean products by Bissell, look here.

To find out where to buy the products, look here.

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